Mauterndorf Airfield

The Highest alpine airfield in Austria

Mauterndorf airfield is Austria's highest airfield in the heart of Salzburg's southernmost district, the Lungau district of Tamsweg.

This airfield is quite unique thanks to its position at a height of 3642ft (= 1110m) above sea level and its perfectly manicured grass runway. Due to the diverse and mountainous environment, the Mauterndorf airfield is an excellent starting point for fascinating and varied flight routes.

Airfield Data and Surroundings

VFR Chart

Airfield Data

Frequency: 122.855 MHz (ge)
AVGAS and MOGAS (w/o Ethanol) at the airfield

Grass runway, 820m x 25m, TORA 700m, LDA 700m
Runway direction 07/25, AUW 3.2 t approved for M, MS, S

N47 07.9, E013 41.8
0.5 NM ESE Mauterndorf


A Special Adventure

Experience the Lungau from a new perspective.

Is it your dream to experience the Lungau from the cockpit of a helicopter? Take the opportunity to do so at the Mauterndorf airfield. You can either enjoy this unique experience as a passenger or take the cyclic stick yourself under the supervision of an experienced flight instructor. After a short theoretical briefing, you can test your own flying skills. Maybe this unforgettable adventure will be the start of your career as a pilot?

Club Members

Richard Binggl

Cashier SFCL and AAA

+43 660 4040985

Robert Wieland

Chairman SFCL

+43 676 4408048


Alfred Pritz

Ing. Alfred Pritz

Chairman AAA /Airfield Manager /Contact person
Project Hummingbird

+43 676 966 26 00

Mag. Andrea Gürtler

Vice Chairman AAA


Günther Olsacher

Dr. Günther Olsacher

Auditor AAA

+43 676 943 07 85