Mauterndorf Alpine Airfield

Flying has a long tradition in Lungau. In addition to powered flight and classic gliding, aviation found its way into the Lungau as early as the 1980s. Aviation pioneers such as Max Lassacher, Herbert Bliem and Willi Hönegger were so enthusiastic that there was a large number of young pilots early on, and the Lungau Hang Gliding Club (DFC Lungau) was founded.It didn't take long for paragliding to find its way into the Lungau. After an initial rivalry, the aviation athletes merged to form a community. From the local mountain, the Speiereck, but also from the Aineck, you will find many jumping off points for wonderful flights in the heart of the Alps. The starting points can be reached by cable car or a DFC Lungau vehicle.

Since 2018, the Mauterndorf airfield has also had the option of launching hang-gliders using UL tows. After completing the training to become a "tow pilot" in Germany, tested and approved equipment was purchased so that flight operations in accordance with the rules are guaranteed.