General Information

Mauterndorf Airfield

Mauterndorf airfield is Austria's highest airfield and lies in the heart of Salzburg's southernmost district, the Lungau district of Tamsweg.

The Lungau is a plateau just over 1,000 square kilometers in size, surrounded by the Hohe Tauern in the west, the Niedere Tauern (Radstädter- and Schladminger Tauern) in the north and east and the Gurktal Alps (Nockberge) in the south. The Lungau lies at an average altitude of 1,000 meters. The highest point in the Lungau is the Große Hafner, the summit of which is 3,076 meters above sea level.

The Lungau has been designated a biosphere park by UNESCO. It is crucial for this denomination that the population supports the concept of sustainability. What makes the award particularly valuable is the fact that the Lungau has grown naturally into this role, as an original habitat with distinctive traditions and a rich ecological diversity.

This airfield is quite unique thanks to its position at a height of 3642ft (= 1110m) above sea level and its perfectly manicured grass runway. Due to the diverse and mountainous environment, the Mauterndorf airfield is an excellent starting point for fascinating and varied flight routes.

Especially in calm weather conditions, the Mauterndorf airfield is an ideal and safe take-off and landing place for an unforgettable flight experience for every pilot. In turbulent weather conditions (especially with foehn weather conditions) or very hot summer days, special standards for both pilots and aircraft are essential for a safe flight.

Experienced pilots, from the Lungau Sports Aviation Club (SFCL) located at Mauterndorf Airport, who are familiar with the area, are on hand to inform interested flight guests about the special features necessary for flight safety in such specific flight conditions.

Due to its altitude and the nature of its surroundings, Mauterndorf airfield also offers the ideal basis for advanced training flights as part of pilot training. A newly renovated training room is available to crews for such “briefings”, which can be used at any time by prior reservation with the operations manager.

We look forward to welcoming passengers from all flight sectors.  Whether these are pilots with powered aircraft, helicopters, or ultralight aircraft and especially for classic glider pilots, there is a perfectly maintained, friendly and, last but not least, because of its extraordinary altitude, a really unique airfield available.

Flights abroad

Entries and trips to and from countries that: do NOT belong to the EU and are NOT "Schengen countries" are NOT permitted from Mauterndorf Airport without the authorization of Austro Control GmbH. *

Legal basis:

Airfields - Border Crossing Ordinance 2013 as amended

§ 1. This ordinance regulates the permissibility of carrying out trips to and from airfields located on Austrian federal territory from or to states that do not belong to the European Union, as well as from or to states that do belong to the European Union , but are not contracting states according to Section 1 (6) of the Border Control Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 435/1996.

* Section 2, Paragraph 2, entries and exits from or to the states named in Section 1 to or from airfields located on Austrian territory that are not listed in Paragraph 1, subject to further customs and border control regulations, are only permitted with one Approval from Austro Control GmbH in accordance with Section 3 (1) (a) Border Crossing Ordinance (GÜV), Federal Law Gazette No. 249/1987, as amended, is permitted.